Rising Rates of Suicide: When Do We Acknowledge That Something Isn’t Working?!

Mad In America has the article Rising Rates of Suicide: When Do We Acknowledge That Something Isn’t Working?!

When do professionals and the public alike finally acknowledge that WHAT WE’RE DOING ISN’T WORKING? When do we say “If we want things to change, maybe we should change our approach”?! When does the media start to widely question what is happening in society rather than jumping to analyzing the individual?

The excerpt above tends to reinforce you expectation that probably arise from reading the title. The following excerpt hints at some more of what is covered in the article.

“Call the suicide hotline. Know that you are not alone.”

The problem is, most of us are alone. The US, and most of Western society, centers around an individualistic culture that puts “success” above relationships, leading many to focus their lives on the pursuit of a fragile and fleeting illusion of proving oneself. This endless pursuit leaves a person crushed the moment the illusion of success disappears (which it always will). And, so, the chase is always on for more, more, more.

I have found that being alone and being focused on success are actually two different problems. Both can contribute to suicide rates. If both causes affect you, work on mitigating one issue may leave you still vulnerable to the other issue. There may also be other causes that can be identified. Perhaps issues of success are just a subset of issues of security/insecurity.

I think this article is helpful because it reminds us to think about a wider range of issues than the media (social and formal) focus on. It does not mean that we should ignore the issues that traditional sources seem to focus on.

YouTube has the video Anthony Bourdain, Struggle & Suicide-How Being Woke Can Hurt. Here might be a nice complement to the article above.

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