Missing in Action: The Poor in America

Naked Capitalism has the article Missing in Action: The Poor in America.

Imagine this: every year during the Great Recession of 2007-2009 there were nearly four million home foreclosures. In that period, with job losses mounting, nearly 15% of American households were categorized as “food insecure.” To many of those who weren’t foreclosed upon, who didn’t lose their jobs, who weren’t “food insecure,” to the pundits writing about that disaster and the politicians dealing with it, these were undoubtedly distant events. But not to me. For me, it was all up close and personal.

I did not experience this as I was growing up, but I did have friends who were lower down on the socio-economic ladder than my family was. As I grew into being an older teen, I do remember the worries I had of how I was ever going to keep myself in the lifestyle to which I had become accustomed.

I was never sure how my father managed to pay the medical bills for my mother and send two kids to college. As an adult, if I weren’t able to get and keep a good job, I feared what would happen to me.

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