Constitutionally, Corporations are Not Persons

The Supreme Court made a huge mistake when it decided that Corporations are the same as the Persons or People mentioned in our Constitution.

Natural persons or people have a conscience. The corporation is a creation of the government. The modern (but erroneous) interpretation of how corporations should be run is that they are supposed to make money for their owners, but they are not supposed to have a conscience except for what is mandated by law.

Our founding ancestors, in their infinite wisdom, wrote into the constitution that our government is to be run by natural person with a conscience. They knew that was the only way we would ever keep our democracy going. It was the collective conscience of the people that would keep us safe. Therefore, only natural people, should have a say in the running of the country. The creations of the government that do not have a conscience should not be deciding how the country is to be run.

People who have no understanding of this basic premise do not belong in any of the three branches of our government, executive, legislative, nor judicial.

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