Nicaragua: Legitimacy And Human Rights

After listening to some propaganda about Nicaragua on NBC Nightly News, I decided to check in with Telesur to see if possibly we were only getting the side of the USA backed regime change rebels.

Telesur has the article Nicaragua: Legitimacy And Human Rights.

Clearly, Amnesty International and the IACHR have deliberately covered up that reality and misled international opinion, faithlessly exploiting their image as defenders of human rights, just as they do on Venezuela and Cuba. Even so, despite the extreme violence and the egregious dishonesty of its apologists, the U.S.-backed right-wing opposition coup to oust President Daniel Ortega has failed. People in Nicaragua overwhelmingly support efforts to return to normality and a political solution to the crisis. The Nicaraguan authorities will tolerate the IACHR’s theatricals for another few months before the OAS circus eventually moves on. Defeated opposition leaders hoped to impose their coup, failed because they lacked popular support, and now have to accept what the Sandinista government is prepared to agree as the sovereign power in Nicaragua. Miguel Ramos did not die in vain.

Now that we understand the illegitimacy of any regime change sponsored by the USA, it is transparently easy to detect propaganda from our corporate media. For one thing, they will never cover the government side of the issue. Why do they continue to think their reporting will seem to be fair and balanced when they only cover one side?

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