Ten Reforms to Restore Industrial Prosperity

Spoiler alert, here are the 10 ways the book, Killing The Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy, suggests to stop the parasites from killing the host.

1. Write down debts with a Clean Slate, or at least in keeping with the ability to pay

2. Tax economic rent to save it from being capitalized into interest payments

3. Revoke the tax deductibility of interest, to stop subsidizing debt leveraging

4. Create a public banking option

5. Fund government deficits by central banks, not by taxes to pay bondholders

6. Pay Social Security and Medicare out of the general budget

7. Keep natural monopolies in the public domain to prevent rent extraction

8. Tax capital gains at the higher rates levied on earned income

9. Deter irresponsible lending with a Fraudulent Conveyance principle

10. Revive classical value and rent theory (and its statistical categories)

Read the book to understand the reasons for these proposals.

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