Democracy in Chains

The Institute for New Economic Thinking has the article by Lynn Parramore, Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent’s Stealth Takeover of America.

In discussing Duke historian Nancy MacLean’s meticulously researched book, Democracy in Chains, Lynn Parramore says,

She observes, for example, that many liberals have missed the point of strategies like privatization. Efforts to “reform” public education and Social Security are not just about a preference for the private sector over the public sector, she argues. You can wrap your head around those, even if you don’t agree. Instead, MacLean contends, the goal of these strategies is to radically alter power relations, weakening pro-public forces and enhancing the lobbying power and commitment of the corporations that take over public services and resources, thus advancing the plans to dismantle democracy and make way for a return to oligarchy. The majority will be held captive so that the wealthy can finally be free to do as they please, no matter how destructive.

Maybe the economist named in this article, James Buchanan, was under the misapprehension that the oligarchs want to build something. We have seen by the hollowing out of corporations that is being done now, that the oligarchy only wants to increase their wealth while they are alive. They don’t care who gains control of what is left of our economy after they are gone.

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