Democrats Are Engaging in ‘Kabuki Theater’ in the Kavanaugh Hearings

The Real News Network has the interview Democrats Are Engaging in ‘Kabuki Theater’ in the Kavanaugh Hearings.

In the hearings to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a new Supreme Court justice, Democrats are mostly focusing on hypothetical questions instead of questioning him on his record and releasing his documents. This is an inflection point in US democracy, says law Prof. Francis Boyle.

I learned more about the Kavanaugh hearings from this interview than any story I have seen or read elsewhere. I must admit that I have decided not to waste my time on listening to the proceedings because I suspected they would be full of the games that Prof. Boyle describes. Listening to this interview was exactly what I wanted that cut to the heart of the matter without wasting my time on the frustrating games.

Asking hypothetical questions that the Democrats knew Kavanaugh would not answer was exactly the frustration I decided I could easily live without. Prof. Boyle talks about the class of questions they should have asked that would have derailed the nomination rather than the hypothetical questions that were designed to just get some votes for Democratic politicians.

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