Intercept Report Reveals Senate Ignored Federal Court Employees Willing to Testify Against Kavanaugh

Democracy Now has the interview Intercept Report Reveals Senate Ignored Federal Court Employees Willing to Testify Against Kavanaugh.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, explain Kavanaugh’s relationship with Judge Kozinski.

RYAN GRIM: Right, it’s very tight. So, not only was he his clerk in the early ’90s, he became close friends with him afterwards. And he and Kozinski vetted the clerks that went to Anthony Kennedy in the Supreme Court, which is one of the most powerful positions in the legal world, to vet Supreme Court justices. Kavanaugh’s own clerk last year was Kozinski’s middle son. So these are very close people. And so—

AMY GOODMAN: And Kavanaugh was recommended to be Anthony Kennedy’s clerk, which he was, by Judge Kozinski.

RYAN GRIM: Yes. And then Kennedy recommended to Trump that Kavanaugh be his replacement. Without Kozinski, you don’t have Kavanaugh. And so, he has distanced himself, in testimony and in public statements, from Kozinski’s behavior. Interestingly, Mazie Hirono followed up to him in written questions—

AMY GOODMAN: The senator from Hawaii.

RYAN GRIM: Senator Mazie Hirono said, “Please search your email and check to see if you got any sexually inappropriate emails from Kozinski, because to know him for 20 years like this and to not have is very strange.” His [Kavanaugh’s] reply was—instead of the wall of denial that he gave in his testimony, his reply to that was “I do not remember receiving any sexually inappropriate emails.” And that’s the end of his written reply.

And so, now, according to Sanai, there are employers who would say, “That’s nonsense. I know firsthand that Kavanaugh was a witness to…”—not that Kavanaugh approved of the behavior, but that he’s lying about this. And his credibility is now central to the accusation of the attempted rape.

There is much more damning information in this video than suggested by the excerpt and the headline.

What strikes me about Kavanaugh’s situation with his alleged attempted rape victim is that he has ruined his chance of using the excuse that he was so young when it happened. If he had admitted to the incident, apologized profusely, and said something like he has looked back at that incident in shame ever since and was so sorry that the incident had such a significant impact on the victim’s life, he might have gotten a pass. If it turns out that it can be proven that his denials are false, then his initial attitude to the accusation should disqualify him.

This interview seems to provide evidence that his behavior long after he became adult shows insensitivity to the issue of sexual discrimination and harassment. His credibility on this issue is destroyed. The unwillingness of the Republicans on the committee to entertain the idea of listening to other witnesses to his adult behavior completely destroys their credibility, too.

If the Democrats on the committee allow this to solely revolve around the he said, she said issue between Ford and Kavanaugh, then they ought to be as ashamed of themselves to the degree

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