What Neo-liberals Miss About Nationalism

The Dreaded New York Times has the opinion piece What the Left Misses About Nationalism.

In the United States, Mr. Trump’s nationalist policies have not been without merit. Where his predecessors have feared alienating China, he has boldly challenged its transfer of technology, cybertheft and hidden trade subsidies and barriers. He has also spoken up for American manufacturing industries and their workers, and chided footloose companies like Nabisco, Ford and Carrier.

It is not globalism, per se, that has caused the backlash, but globalism in the interests of the oligarchs. Workers of the world unite is the kind of globalism that would make nationalism pale in comparison. Nowhere in the recent globalism has the interest of the workers been even considered. If workers had been considered, then the focus of world trade agreements would not be on protecting the “intellectual property” of the oligarchs to the exclusion of almost everything else.

It is the focus on protecting “intellectual property” that has given the pharmaceutical companies cover to raise their prices by a factor of 5.

It is not surprising that the piece on The Dreaded New York Times would miss the point entirely.

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