But How Will We Pay for It? Making Public Money Work for Us

YouTube has the video “But How Will We Pay for It? Making Public Money Work for Us” – Oct. 15, 2018.

Our nation’s finances are a blistering topic. Democrats blame Republicans for “blowing up the deficit” with tax cuts, while Republicans insist that programs such as Social Security and Medicare are the real drivers of our fiscal mess. As politicians fight over who’s at fault, an important debate is getting lost in the fog.

Professor Kelton casts a different light on these fiscal feuds and the budget deficit, arguing that both sides are missing the bigger picture when it comes to paying for our future.

The best lecture you could possibly hear this or any other year.

Dr. Stephanie Kelton explains everything that I could possibly want people to understand about the economy. and the roles of the private sector and the government sector in that economy.

In the comments on my Facebook post on this lecture, we can quibble about the details and the meanings of what she said, I am sure there will be lots of disbelief, but I think I can handle all the questions.

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