Classic Editor

Word Press has come out with a new editor called Gutenberg. I don’t know to whom it is aimed, but it doesn’t do anything for me, and it takes away the Classic Editor that I used with great ease. In fact I never used the GUI option of the editor. I always used the text editor. The Gutenberg editor also has a text editor (called the code editor) which it completely messes up compared to the old one. The old text editor had a few buttons that gave me the only kind of GUI help that was valuable to me in a text editor.

I constructed this post with the add on that brings back the classic editor. The button that I used was the one that assists in creating links. I used that button to create the link above to the Classic Editor add-on. All that button does is to place the link template around the text you want to turn into a link. Now, I can perfectly well type that template myself, but it is handy to have one button that inserts it. That is my idea of a language sensitive editor, where the language in this case is HTML. In other contexts, I have my own LSE for HTML, C, C++, PERL, Fortran, and perhaps a few other languages that slip my mind at the moment.

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