Michael Hudson: He Died for Our Debt, Not Our Sins

Naked Capitalism has the article Michael Hudson: He Died for Our Debt, Not Our Sins.

As many people turn towards their Christian and Jewish faiths this Christmas and Hanukkah in an attempt to make sense of the year that was, at least one economist says we have been reading the bible in an anachronistic way.

In fact he has written an entire book on the topic. In And Forgive them their Debts: Credit and Redemption (available this spring on Amazon), Professor Michael Hudson makes the argument that far from being about sex, the bible is actually about economics, and debt in particular.

When I first read this article and then posted it on Facebook, I remarked that this may be a bit much for some people to take. I have no opinion on him myself. I then stumbled across another interview with Michael Hudson, The history of debt forgiveness, that I almost didn’t watch because it just would have been repetitive. I didn’t realize how much it would enlighten me about the book in ways that I had not yet understood.

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