Shifting The Overton Window

Paste Magazine has the article Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Singlehandedly Shifting the Overton Window

This is how politics gets done. We think of the president as having a “bully pulpit” because everything they say is newsworthy given their power, but anyone can have a bully pulpit. All you need is popularity and some media savvy and you can drive the conversation. This is what this last generation of Democrats failed to demonstrate they understand. They are obsessed with West Wing-style civility politics, and believe that scoring amorphous bipartisanship points with the mainstream press is more important than achieving truly liberal policy outcomes. AOC hasn’t even been a congresswoman for a week, yet she is setting the terms of the debate inside the Democratic Party. No one had heard of the Green New Deal before she joined Sunrise Movement’s protest outside Nancy Pelosi’s office a couple months ago, and now Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Beto O’Rourke have come out in favor of the most ambitious policy proposal of most people’s lives.

Failure to understand this is what made Clinton’s “let’s be practical” approach so maddening. Elizabeth Warren’s support of Clinton’s politics was so unbelievable because Warren had shown that she understood the need to shift the Overton Window.

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