Hope vs. Change: Why Some Democrats Are Turning on Obama’s Legacy

Vanity Fair has the article Hope vs. Change: Why Some Democrats Are Turning on Obama’s Legacy.

You could say Obama spent eight years deferring a radical disruption. His tragedy is that he could have led it.

Add Elizabeth Warren to the list of people who were given the opportunity to go down in history as major agents of change for the better, but they declined. Obama has left the stage, but Warren wants another chance with no indication that she understands the previous opportunity that she muffed.

The following quote is a grievous misunderstanding.

In the eyes of the radicals, our financial sector was an out-of-control predator built on a rotten edifice that was finally about to crumble. Its collapse wasn’t the threat; it was the cure.

Many of us were not recommending a collapse as the cure. I was recommending nationalization of the financial sector. I was not looking for a vacuum in the financial sector. I was looking for a rescue of the sector from the hands of the crooks. Make the sector perform its necessary function, but do it honestly

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