Week 2 lecture – Stephanie Kelton: Rethinking fiscal policy

The Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies posted the video Week 2 lecture – Stephanie Kelton: Rethinking fiscal policy.

Stephanie Kelton presenting a lecture at UCL as part of the Rethinking Capitalism series for the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose.

Covering deficits and the national debt she explains how the money system works and answers the question how will we pay for a progressive political agenda.

Not to miss!

Every time Stephanie Kelton gives this lecture, she improves it. I bet that she uses the questions she gets after the lecture as an indication of what she failed to convey, so she improves the lecture to convey more and do it better. I still learn more every time I listen to a new version of this lecture. All you need to do is to listen to one of these posts to get 90% of the benefit.

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