The Born Rule Has Been Derived From Simple Physical Principles

Quanta Magazine has the article Mysterious Quantum Rule Reconstructed From Scratch.

In the excertp below I have put emphasis on what I think is the most profound statement in the article.

In most physics equations, the variables refer to objective properties of the system they are describing: the mass or velocity of bodies in Newton’s laws of motion, for instance. But according to Born, the wave function is not like this. It’s not obvious whether it says anything about the quantum entity itself — such as where it is at any moment in time. Rather, it tells us what we might see if we choose to look. It points in the wrong direction: not down toward the system being studied, but up toward the observer’s experience of it.

This observation of what is missing from quantum theory, is exactly what makes quantum theory most disturbing to me. Explaining what we can observe is very valuable. It is enough to base a technology on, but is just not completely satisfying. The rest of the article, though intriguing, is just word salad that does not explain much to me.

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