Bernie Sanders to sign ‘affirmation’ he will run as a Democrat in 2020

From CNN, another bastion of fake news, we have the story Bernie Sanders to sign ‘affirmation’ he will run as a Democrat in 2020.

The Democratic National Committee said on Tuesday that it planned to meet in the coming week with the presidential primary campaigns and distribute a form to the candidates, who under bylaws agreed on last August will be required “to affirm in writing” that they “are a member of the Democratic Party, will accept the Democratic nomination” and “will run and serve as a member of the Democratic Party.”

I am hoping that he realizes the giant loophole in this affirmation, and doesn’t make the foolish 2016 mistake of committing not to run as an independent if he didn’t get the nomination.

I take this affirmation that he will run in the primaries as a Democrat, and that if he is elected from the Democratic Party ticket, he will serve as a Democrat.

If the Democratic party screws him out of the nomination again, then he cannot run for President as a Democrat, and must run as an independent or Green Party. If he gets elected from one of those methods, he can serve as an Independent or as a membe of the Green Party.

To leave the sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of the Democratic Party leaders he will have to make it clear that this is his interpretation of the affirmation.

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