Venezuela Explained with Jimmy Dore

YouTube has the video Venezuela Explained with Jimmy Dore.

Jimmy Dore fills in for Jesse Ventura. Producer Brigida Santos and Jimmy Dore explain the crisis in Venezuela where opposition leader Juan Guaido has declared himself interim president in an effort to unseat sitting president Nicolas Maduro. RT Host Rick Sanchez talks about the history of Venezuela and the impact of US involvement in Latin America.

Even RT’s “expert” does not seem to be aware of what Chavez and Maduro have tried to do to solve the problems that the “expert” mentions. Both Chavez and Maduro have been trying to diversify the Venezuelan economy. The fact that Venezuela does not have an oil refinery is not a choice that Venezuela made. The choice was decided by USA oil companies who controlled Venezuela’s oil industry in collusion with Venezuelan oligarchs before Chavez . The reason for that choice was that it made Venezuela incapable of showing any independence in their own oil industry. It was the USA who encouraged Venezuela to buy all its food from foreign sources rather than developing a domestic food industry. Chavez and Maduro have tried to change that policy and tried to foster a domestic food supply.

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