Sanders on Venezuela – Does His Critique of US Policy Go Far Enough?

The Real News Network has the video Sanders on Venezuela – Does His Critique of US Policy Go Far Enough?

At the CNN town hall, Sanders opposed U.S. intervention in Venezuela, refused to call Maduro a dictator, or recognize Guaido, but he didn’t call for an end to sanctions

One of the panelists, Norman Solomon, was so horrible, that I am not going to embed the video in this post. The Real News Network article has a transcript of the question and answer in the CNN Town Hall. I will quote the question along with the answer that I wish Bernie Sanders had given.

SPEAKER: Good evening. In light of the recent events in Venezuela, you came out against U.S. intervention–a contentious stance, as many in Venezuela are currently suffering at the hands of Maduro through starvation and violence, and it is clear that he will not let humanitarian aid in. Under these circumstances and moving forward, do you have a clear position on U.S. intervention overseas, both economically and militarily, for nations that are under the regimes of these oppressive dictators?

IMAGINARY SANDERS: Maduro won an election that international observers saw as more honest than many elections in the USA. That does not sound like a dictator to me. The USA is the cause of whatever starvation and violence there is in Venezuela because of our 20 year economic war against that country. There is a large volume of humantiarian aid flowing into Venezuels from internatinoal sources that do not put weapons in the humanitarian aid they are sending in. Venezuela wouldn’t need humanitarian aid if the USA weren’t blocking access to $30 billion that rightfully belong to Venezuelans. Given those facts, would you like to rephrase your question?

Why would Bernie Sanders lie about the situation in Venezuela? Here is part of what Bernie Sanders really said.

BERNIE SANDERS: Thank you. Good question. There are a lot of awful things happening in the world. And what’s going on in Venezuela is terrible. Their economy is a disaster. People are living in hunger and in fear. I strongly believe there has to be an international humanitarian effort to improve lives for the people. I think the evidence is pretty clear that the last election in Venezuela was not a free and fair election, and under international supervision I want to see a free and fair election.

If Bernie Sanders would lie about this, how can we be so sure he is being honest about the rest of what he says? As they said to Michael Cohen when he testified before Congress, were you lying then, or are you lying now? Once you lie, you cannot regain your credibility.

The credibility is gone forever, but we supporters of Bernie Sanders need to make every effort to get him to correct the record. Otherwise, we make it clear that we will accept some lies from Bernie Sanders. There goes our own credibility.

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