Ask Bernie a Policy Question

I received an email response from Bernie Sanders’ campaign help desk.

… you can submit your policy question via the following form and we will do our best to get you an answer as soon as we can: (We may not get back to you immediately because of the volume of questions we have received, but we will try to respond to everyone.)

I used the form immediately to send the following question:

Why doesn’t Bernie demand an immediate end to sanctions on Venezuela? Our sanctions are inhumane. We have no business choosing what form of government the Venezuelans can have. Our 20 year economic war on Venezuelan will prevent us from seeing if democratic socialism could have worked in Venezuela if we hadn’t interfered. The oligarchs’ war on the poor of Venezuela is exactly the war our oligarchs are waging against the 99% in this country. The tactics that the oligarchs are using against Maduro are a lesson in what USA oligarchs will use against Bernie Sanders when he wins. If Bernie does not counter those tactics in Venezuela, he will already have lost a big part of the battle he will face as President of the USA. His refusal to call for an end of sanctions is a tacit admission that there is something in those tactics that is acceptable to use. His refusal to recognize the fair and open election that Maduro won is an invitation for people to contest our 2020 elections.

You can reinforce my question by asking a similar question. Of course, I encourage you to send any question that you want answered.

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