Has The DNC Rigged The Primaries Already?

I am wondering if the DNC has rigged the presidential primaries already. What has me wondering is Rule 2.A.1.

Rule 2

  1. Participation in the delegate selection process shall be open to all voters who wish to participate as Democrats.
    1. Democratic voters shall be those persons who publicly declare their Party preference and have that preference publicly recorded.
DNC Selection Rules Page 2

In the 2018 primaries in Massachusetts, I took out a Democratic Primary ballot as an unenrolled voter. That means I was not enrolled in any party.

Unlike many years ago, this did not change my party enrollment from unenrolled to Democrat. Long ago, Massachusetts primary voters had to change their party enrollment back to unenrolled. You could do that before even leaving the polling station.

I wonder how the Massachusetts procedure may have to be changed to meet the new DNC rules.

Given that the general election includes unenrolled voters, I wonder why the DNC wants to choose its candidates without any input from unenrolled voters. As in 2016, this choice proved to be disastrous. Over the country, the Democrats chose a candidate that the Democrats liked, but the rest of the voters did not like. Is the Democratic Party wanting to repeat the 2016 debacle?

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