How Russian trolls use Facebook to influence Americans

NBC News has the article How Russian trolls use Facebook to influence Americans.

Russian trolls are creating false personas on social media who accumulate followings of real people in order to stage protests and create chaos. Watch more of Richard Engel’s reporting when “On Assignment” airs tonight at 9pm ET on MSNBC.

So, I have to ask myself after all the Russia hysteria that NBC and MSNBC has foisted on us, and after how the unmasking of their propaganda has hurt their ratings, would they go this far out on a limb to double down on their bet?

Originally, I doubted whether tactics like those reported in this story could possibly work. Then I thought about the fact that the Koch brothers actually founded the Tea Party movement, but I doubt than many members of that movement had any idea who founded it. Then I thought about what seems like successes by the CIA to use tactics like this in their latest incarnation of dirty tricks in Syria and Venezuela. Which makes me think of how the USA bragged in private about doing this stuff in the Ukraine. Which reminds me of the Contras in Nicaragua we created. Or the overthrow of Allende in Chile. Or the overthrow of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in Iran in 1953.

Not only could the Russians have done this to us in 2016, but it is also possible that our own CIA with their own knowledge of such techniques could make up a story like this about the Russians. Our CIA could also make up the evidence to prove the case. With the willingness of NBC and MSNBC to go along with this fake story for so long, the CIA wouldn’t even have to work very hard to make up stuff that NBC could “report”.

It is so hard to know if anyone is telling the truth. That is why a very healthy dose of skepticism is warranted for everything you think you know.

April 15, 2019

I have had a few thoughts about this over the last few days.

There are frequent reports of how police efforts to stop attacks involve setting up fake personas to lure would be perpetrators into a trap. It must work, if there are so many reports of its success. All those news stories can’t all be lies.

Then there is the story of the organization that claimed to expose Russian bots creating their own bots that pretended to be Russian.

Even The Dreaded New York Times took notice in this article Fake News as ‘Moral Imperative’? Democrats’ Alabama Move Hints at Ugly 2020

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