Can Biden ‘Make America Moral Again?’

The Real News Network has the interview Can Biden ‘Make America Moral Again?’.

Biden is countering Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan with “Make America Moral Again.” But bipartisan deals with Strom Thurmond, the crime bill, Anita Hill, and more, shows he lacks the moral high ground. Jacqueline Luqman and Adolph Reed discuss Biden’s record.

Sad to say, these facts probably do not matter to people whose minds have been made up. How do we communicate our own experiences and motivations about this subject without resorting to trying to convince people with facts?

I say this with reference to one of the Sanders campaign volunteer principles.

We don’t argue or debate.

Research has shown that when two people enter an argument or debate, both parties usually come out more committed to their prior beliefs than before. In other words, rational debate is not an effective tool for persuasion. That’s why instead of arguing, we always come back to sharing our own stories and motivations.

We connect by sharing our stories.

We share what motivates us as individuals to vote and volunteer for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This opens the door for others to resonate with our motivations. Sharing familiar and relatable parts of your own story is key. Talking about your own struggle with student debt or with the healthcare system is much more powerful than an abstract policy argument.

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