Why Socialism? With Bhaskar Sunkara

The Real News Network has a two part series starting with the video Why Socialism? With Bhaskar Sunkara.

Most people know capitalism is unjust. Jacobin founder Bhaskar Sunkara says he wrote The Socialist Manifesto to lay out an alternative.

The second video is What Would US Socialism Look Like? with Bhaskar Sunkara.

Bhaskar Sunkara, founder of Jacobin and author of The Socialist Manifesto, explains what socialism could actually look like in the United States

What excites me about these interviews is the chance to learn more about socialism than I currently know. The book The Socialist Manifesto: The Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality seems like it would start me out at the beginning of a conversation. Professor Richard Wolff talks about this subject in his videos and on his web site Democracy At Work, but I feel like I am joining in the middle of the conversation. I have the same problem with Bhaskar Sunkara’s Jacobin Magazine. The book should help me understand these other two sources more fully.

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