John Dewey’s Experiments in Democratic Socialism

Jacobin Magazine has the very interesting article John Dewey’s Experiments in Democratic Socialism.

While the Vermont product became one of the twentieth century’s most well-known philosophers, widely considered the philosopher of American democracy itself, his idiosyncratic thought earned him enemies across the political spectrum. The Right saw him as a Communist, the Communist Party saw him as a philosopher of reaction. As for Dewey, the only “ism” he could attach his name to was “experimentalism.”

I have been using the term “what works ism” to describe my philosophy. Dewey’s term is easier to pronounce, but mine has a different set of nuances than Dewey’s. I actually like both sets of nuances.

There is much more to this article than the little excerpt I chose above. It is interesting to think about his philosophy and what Richard Wolff describes at his web site Democracy At Work.

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