Bernie Sanders gets Berned again

YouTube has the Tim Black episode Bernie Sanders gets Berned again.

Reminiscent of 2015, 2016 Sen. Bernie Sanders receives distorted, unfavorable coverage in the Washington Post. Tim Black explains how Bernie Sanders is getting Berned Again.

This was a great episode. Highlighting Bernie’s closing debate remarks is something we should all do over and over again.

If there was one thing I was waiting for, but never heard was that Tim Black missed one of the biggest biases in the way the poll was reported. The Dreaded Washington Post said over and over again that they were only reporting the people who lean Democratic. What about the people who detest the Democratic Party, but would vote for Bernie Sanders anyway? The problem with the Democratic Party nomination process in 2016, was that too many Democrats only considered what they themselves liked without a care for what independents like. The registered independents who can vote in the general election outnumber Democrats in this country.

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