Why Some ‘Fauxgressives’ Are Against the Palestinian BDS Movement

YouTube has the video Why Some ‘Fauxgressives’ Are Against the Palestinian BDS Movement with Kim Iverson.

Watch the video before you read my comments. Form your own opinion.

She discusses various arguments that one might use to counter the point of view she is presenting in this video. When she makes the comparison to South Africa, I think I finally see what is driving her opinion.

Kim’s argument boils down to Palestinians are Muslims. Because of that, they don’t have democratic rights that Jews and Christians have. She doesn’t really have a grasp of history before 1948 either. A lot of her assumptions about Muslims are just wrong.

Some of my opinions have been enlightened by reading the book “Peace Be upon You: The Story of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Coexistence” The link takes you to a C-Span video with the author of the book. I had not watched the video yet when I wrote this sentence, but I had read the book.

Zachary Karabell talked about his book Peace Be upon You: The Story of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Coexistence, published by Knopf. Mr. Karabell traces the historical instances of peaceful coexistence between Muslim, Christian, and Jewish people. The author contended that throughout the past fourteen centuries the different faiths have found common ground; from peaceful debate amongst scholars in the courts of the caliphs in Baghdad to medieval Spain where Jewish sages, Muslim philosophers, and Christian monks translated the meaning of God together. The author argued that the current state of religious tensions are solvable if one studies the past. Mr. Karabell responded to questions from the audience.

I just finished watching the video related to the book. It would be wonderful if people like Kim Iverson could contemplate what was discussed. The author, Zachary Karabell, is not talking about utopia. He is just talking about what can happen in propitious moments in history, and perhaps how we can lessen the deviations from those propitious moments. He is not talking about changing the under lying basis of human nature. He is talking about promoting the the basis of human nature where people just want to go about their daily lives in relative peace and calm.

When people do not feel threatened, they find it easier to peacefully co-exist. This is exactly why Donald Trump’s use of threats, coercion, and sanctions is just so antithetical to achieving a modicum of peace in the world.

The ultimate question for people who want to opine on the BDS movement, the idea of BDS as a tactic, or Congressional resolutions on the topic, ask your self if what you have to say will enhance the possibilities of peaceful co-existence or not.

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