Keiser Report: A Black September? (E1436)

RT (Russian Television or Russia Today) has this video Keiser Report: A Black September? (E1436).

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the odd similarity between protesters in Hong Kong and in France having their eyes targeted by ‘sub-lethal’ stun grenades. They review the article in GQ Magazine by Robert Chalmers exploring the ‘real victims’ of the ‘Yellow Vest revolution’ and note the connection between the dozens of protesters who have lost an eye, while the online surveillance state also seeks to control what we see and read. In the second half, Max interviews independent journalist Paul Moreira about the Yellow Vest movement in France. What did he see during his many weeks on the frontline with his journalism? They discuss the economic and political demands of the protesters and the violence with which those demands have been met. They also analyze the protests in the context of other protests taking place in various regions of the world.

Give some thought as to whether this is just Russian propaganda or real reporting on real events. The USA government and the oligarchs’ news media would prefer you to think of this as Russian propaganda.

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