Interview With Edward Snowden: Permanent Record

Democracy Now! has a 6 part series where they interview Edward Snowden now that he has just published his book Permanent Record. Each link below takes you to a video part of the series. Each article has links to the 6 parts.

Part 1: “Financial Censorship Is Still Censorship”: Edward Snowden Slams Justice Dept. Lawsuit Against Him

Part 2: Edward Snowden Condemns Trump’s Mistreatment of Whistleblower Who Exposed Ukraine Scandal

Part 3: Permanent Record: Why NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Risked His Life to Expose Surveillance State

Part 4: Edward Snowden: Private Contractors Play Key Role in U.S. Intelligence’s “Creeping Authoritarianism”

Part 5: Snowden Reveals How He Secretly Exposed NSA Criminal Wrongdoing Without Getting Arrested

Part 6: Whistleblower Edward Snowden on Trump, Obama & How He Ended Up in Russia to Avoid U.S. Extradition

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