Give us this day, our daily billions

RT has the Keiser Report episode Give us this day, our daily billions (E1461)

Max and Stacy discuss the crybabies on Wall Street begging for billions and living in constant fear while the rest of the economy continues to live and thrive in the real world without non-stop free money.

Max just hates the USA dollar because it is backed by nothing, but he loves crypto-currency because it is backed by —— real nothing. I have yet to understand why crypto-currency nothing is better than USA dollar nothing. Built into the mathematics of bit-coin is a limit on how much can be produced. This all came into being from someone’s imagination. I suppose that when we run out of new bit-coin nobody will be able to imagine what comes next. If you know the history of computers it might be byte-coin which is 8 times as powerful as bit-coin. Maybe it will be quantum-coin.

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