The Idiocy Of Focusing on Ukraine to Impeach Trump

The Gray Zone has a two part interview starting with the article Trump meddled in Ukraine, and he’s not alone. If ads come up on YouTube, I have been able to pause the ad, and get an option to skip the ad.

The indictment of all of Washington D.C. just gets worse and worse as they second part of the interview occurs with the video US arming of Ukraine is a scandal on its own.

You would never know about this hidden story if Max Blumenthal didn’t quote to you from obscure articles and editorials in the oligarchs’ news media itself. Of course, Max has done his own independent journalism on the story. If you try to keep track of the Ukrainians named in these interviews it could be almost as hard as reading a Tolstoy novel.

Rising has an interview with Aaron Maté: Why Democrats will regret lionizing the national security state on impeachment that gives you a hint at what is in his interview with Max Blumenthal.

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