How the Anti-Populists Stopped Bernie Sanders

Harpers has the important and fascinating article How the Anti-Populists Stopped Bernie Sanders.

And so we come to understand the real task before us today: to rescue from the enormous condescension of the comfortable the one political tradition that has a chance of reversing our decades-long turn to the right.

This article is far deeper and broader than I imagined it woulld be judging from its title. I had no idea I had fallen so deeply under the influence of the propaganda against William Jennings Bryant that I have heard, read, and seen in movies over my entire lifetime.

Here is an excerpt that happens to touch on the long history of The Dreaded New York Times being dreaded.

In September of that year, as the contentious presidential campaign unfolded, the New York Times announced the alarming discovery: William Jennings Bryan appeared to be clinically insane. It began with a letter to the paper from an anonymous “alienist,” or psychologist, who examined Bryan’s heredity, his heretofore mediocre career, and his behavior on the campaign trail, and concluded “without any bias” that “Mr. Bryan presents in his speech and action striking and alarming evidence of a mind not entirely sound.” Proof: the candidate was “an apostle of an economic theory without ever having a training in economics.”

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