Personal Bonds Similar To Corporate Bonds

Here is a thought that came to me last night. If the Fed can try to stimulate the economy by buying corporate bonds, why not come up with a mechanism where the bottom 90% can create a bond-like instrument for the Fed to buy from them. This would inject money into the economy where it might actually do some good. A corporation already has too much capacity to make stuff for the size of the shrinking consumer market. Giving corporations more money when they have nothing useful to use it for is hardly going to help the economy. The bottom 90% have useful things they want to buy, if only they had the money.

When the Fed gives corporations a trillion or so to make things that they will sell wholesale, can’t you just hear them respond “Now, if only the consumers had enough money to buy this stuff at retail.” That sort of makes me think that the amount of money the Fed gives to consumers should actually be larger than the amount it gives to corporations.

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