Don’t Let McKinsey Anywhere NEAR Infrastructure Bill

The Hill has posted the YouTube video Matt Stoller’s DIRE WARNING: Don’t Let McKinsey Anywhere NEAR Infrastructure Bill.

Author, journalist and research director at The American Economic Liberties Project, Matt Stoller, discusses the Biden administration’s need to distance itself from McKinsey in order to pass the infrastructure bill.

What’s wrong with Pete Buttigieg getting his training from McKinsey? We already saw his big gaffe about “paying for” infrastructure by taxing the users. He forgets, and so do many citizens, that corporations provide their services to customers to make a profit, whereas governments are supposed to provide services to enhance the well being of the people of the country. Even many businesses recognize that providing infrastructure for their workers benefits the company. To promote the use of cost saving infrastructure, there is an advantage for the corporation to subsidize the use of these cost savers by the employees. Investing a little money here can result in bigger savings over there. Even McKinsey should understand this application of the principle applied to corporations.

On the other hand I bet I observed a policy at a company where I worked that must have come from a consultant. The management felt that they were spending too much money on printed forms. They decided that people were hoarding the forms. The solution was to cut back on the number of forms an employee could order. This edict caused the hoarding of blank forms so that they could be Xeroxed when you ran out. Surely the creation of forms by using a copier was far more expensive than having them printed with a printing press. The difference was that the cost of copying them was hidden from the consultants (and managers with MBAs).

Here is Matt Stoller’s article Keep McKinsey Away from Biden’s Infrastructure Push

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