American DEBUNKS All Major Western Propaganda on Uyghurs and Xinjiang!

YouTube has the video American DEBUNKS All Major Western Propaganda on Uyghurs and Xinjiang!

We have done it… We have broken down each bit of major Western propaganda on the Uyghur and Xinjiang situation in order to debunk the lies and reveal the truth. For over an hour, Bay takes on a series of propaganda ranging from Adrian Zenz to inconsistent witness testimony to debunking sterilization claims and all major propaganda promoted surrounding this incredibly manufactured issue.

I was hoping for an independent analysis to back up what The Gray Zone has been reporting. Unfortunately for that purpose, this uses Gray Zone reporting for some of what he says. That does not make it any more or less true, but it isn’t the completely independent source that I thought this might be. As I got further into the video, it does seem to bring in many other sources. He makes a very convincing case for what he is saying, but that just raises my doubts. I know when I am getting the hard sell.

Of course each side is going to say that the other side’s witnesses are being coerced. I don’t know how viewers and readers of these reports can know which side, if any, is telling the truth. If I am forced to say that I no longer know what is true, then one side’s propaganda is working. In the high tech industry where I worked for 40 or so years, campaigns to disparage a competitor’s product would use fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) if our own product could not win on its own merits.

I tried to discourage the use of FUD behavior, but my influence was minimal in most cases. I did have a situation where our marketing people wanted to suppress a customer’s effort to build a product similar to what my team had built. I told them that the customer could get all the technical information he needed from the same university published work where I got my information. Our company’s failure was to not understand the market for the product, and I did not do enough inside the company to educate the marketeers. Another customer we tried to sell the product to, told us what other things we needed to do to get him to buy the product. When we failed to listen, he eventually joined a company that made the product the way he wanted. My company eventually bought his company.

May 3, 2021

Here is the list of sources that go with the video. There are over 71 items in the list.

The source that I first checked out was Demystifying Xinjiang and the Uighers with Carl Zha. This was number 2 in the list of sources.

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