Labor and the Jobs Guarantee Webinar 2021/04/01

Posted on YouTube is the recording of the a webinar Labor and the Jobs Guarantee Webinar 4/1

April 1, 2021 the first session of our Labor and Jobs Guarantee Webinar series with Fadhel Kaboub, Sandy Darity, Sydney Ghazarian, and Kari Thompson.

Since this video does not give you full access to the Zoom meeting with it’s chat room and Q & A, I am going to post a few items here that were mentioned in the video.

The Job Guarantee Resolution

The Living New Deal

There were just s few minutes near the beginning that I had trouble listening to. Since you have control of the video, you can skip the parts you don’t find interesting. Except for the few minutes around the beginning, I found the rest of the presentation very enjoyable.

There is an article in the UE Newsletter about the webinar What Is a “Jobs Guarantee,” and Why Should Labor Fight for It?

Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity – GISP on Twitter.

Links to the other sessions of the webinar.

Labor and the Jobs Guarantee Session Two – 8 April 2021.

Images from the webinars on Google.

Labor Jobs Guarantee Session 3 Report Backs and Conclusion

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