Matt Taibbi EXPOSES Hubris Of Censoring Dr. Bret Weinstein

Breaking Points has the segment Matt Taibbi EXPOSES Hubris Of Censoring Dr. Bret Weinstein.

Matt Taibbi provides his perspective to Krystal and Saagar on the censorship of Bret Weinstein by big tech companies and the media in general.

I don’t know how people will react to this segment, but it is one of the reasons why I think it is so silly to go after Matt Taibbi for turning into a right wing whatever some people are claiming. I have already posted about ivermectin. I see some flaws in the proponents’ arguments, but agree with Saagar, Krystal, and Matt that nobody knows enough to rule it out or to rule it in. It should be something we can talk about and investigate.

The flaw I have seen in the pro-Ivermectin story is the claim that India has been distributing it, and therefore has avoided the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems to me that recent events have shown that India is having serious problems with the pandemic. I would like to see Ivermectin proponents address this issue. Since we are not allowed to talk about this issue, we are not going to get an answer to this question. There may be a good answer, but we are not allowed to hear the answer to judge for ourselves.

I saved what I have written on Facebook elsewhere on my computer in case FB decides I cannot publish this. Turns out they did allow me to post it, but I am also publishing it on this blog in case Facebook does eventually disappears it from my Facebook page.

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