China’s Return to Global Dominance

Public Seminar has the article China’s Return to Global Dominance.

When future historians look back on our discordant times, they will surely report an epochal shift of global importance: a transition from failed attempts to restore America’s greatness to China’s return, after two centuries of subjugation, to world pre-eminence. The writing is already on the wall, but strange prejudices, bitter disputes and conflicting predictions currently obscure the implications of such a transformation.

This article is perhaps the most well balanced analysis of China I have ever read. Every time he seemed to be bordering on going off the deep end in one direction or another, he rescued his analysis by talking about the possibilities of things working out better than the naysayers were predicting. He addressed the concerns of the naysayers without dismissing their concerns. The biggest advantage of the analysis is to admit what is unknown about the future.

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