The Zeitgeist of this Moment: Marianne Williamson with author Peter Joseph

YouTube has the video The Zeitgeist of this Moment: Marianne Williamson with author Peter Joseph The transcript of the conversation is on Transform with Marianne Williamson in the article The Zeitgeist of This Moment.

Americans are very good with a to-do list. We like to say, “Okay, just tell us what to do and we can do it.” We’ve proven many times over that we have tremendous capacity for action once we know what it is we need to do.

But this is not a moment where it’s as simple as saying, “Let’s do this, and everything will be okay.” Our challenges are too complicated, too large, and too numerous to be amenable to anyone’s simple to-do list.

It’s not more data that we need; it’s more understanding that we need. It’s not more power that we need; it’s more wisdom that we need. It’s not more technology that we need; it’s more compassion that we need.

Here is the beginnings of a very deep conversation. I doubt that I am in 100% agreement with either of these two. Richard Wolff’s idea of democracy at work may have a lot to do with the necessary change. I also don’t agree with Richard Wolff 100%, but there can be a synthesis that is going on that might eventually lead to solutions (if time does not run out).

I like to try a thought experiment about imagining the possibilities. Here is the description by Peter Joseph of what I have in mind.

The idea was simple. You increase efficiency. People realize a sustainable standard of living based on scientific principles. You start to reduce the work week. You increase wages, you lower costs, all in direct proportion to itself based on the kind of technological – which is true – economic efficiency and then suddenly you wake up one day and families have a unified form. No one’s struggling to survive. No one’s in debt. They have everything they need. They work a little bit a week and suddenly balance emerges. Beautiful.

The purpose of my thought experiment is to imagine this goal, and then get to work trying to figure out how we make a transition to that world.

Peter’s Book: The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression

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