The ECASH Act with Rohan Grey

Money on the Left has the podcast The ECASH Act with Rohan Grey.

In this special episode, Rohan Grey (@rohangrey) joins Billy Saas (@billysaas) and Maxximilian Seijo (@MaxSeijo) to discuss the “ECASH” or “Electronic Currency and Secure Hardware” Act. Introduced by Rep. Stephen Lynch (MA-08), Chair of the House Committee on Financial Services’ Task Force on Financial Technology, and based on Grey’s research on electronic currency, the ECASH Act directs the Secretary of the Treasury to develop and pilot digital dollar technologies that replicate the privacy-respecting features of physical cash.

This is a wonderful concept that I had not known about until this podcast. I had been thinking that government sponsored digital cash could look like a credit or debit card, but this conversation carries the idea way beyond that.

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