Marxism: From Critique of Capitalism to Alternative System

Democracy At Work has the post Marxism: From Critique of Capitalism to Alternative System [May 2022].

The title is most appropriately applied to about the last half hour which I originally saw as a stand-alone video. The video below is the whole hour.

I originally wrote the following comments about the last half of this video,

Here is one idea that Richard Wolff is promoting. It is an interesting admission of the problems of early attempts at socialism. I am not convinced that he has the solution, but it is something worth trying. Let’s avoid the mistakes of the past where we had a wholesale adoption of an untested idea. That adoption is a dangerous way to find out what works., or worse, what does not work.

I am not sure China has figured it out. Having a mix of two versions of the same thing may not be the ultimate solution, if there is an ultimate solution.

One problem that I see is in the perversion of democracy that we now have in our government. How do we know that democracy in the work place won’t suffer from the same perversion?

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