Roger Waters on Ukraine, BDS Controversies and American Foreign Policy

You can watch the full interview on Youtube Roger Waters on Ukraine, BDS Controversies and American Foreign Policy.

I spoke to Roger Waters, activist and co-founder of progressive rock band Pink Floyd, about his recent spate of powerful, controversial media appearances about American foreign policy. How has he managed to use his fame to go where most progressives aren’t allowed, and how has he managed to stay the course after so much pushback from the establishment?

I watched a badly chopped up version of this interview to the extent that I haven’t got the perseverance to watch this whole thing over again to see what I missed. Based on what I did see in the edited version, I think this is a great interview.

November 16, 2022

Well, I couldn’t resist, so now I have watched the whole thing. It was well worth it. There was so much of value that got cut out of the edited version. It ended in the middle of a difficult issue because Roger Waters had an interview commitment someplace else.

Gray and Waters got so deep into a discussion at the end that they lost the point. Early in the interview Waters said that the greatest sin was to watch evil and to say nothing. He then went on to say that it is a worse sin to watch evil, do nothing about it, and even applaud its happening.

Gray confused the issue at the end of the interview. She should have asked Waters, if you see evil going on, what should you do? He has already decried standing by and doing nothing. It would be logical to ask, “Well, what should you do?”

Waters had mentioned the tipping point where people would say “No more. We aren’t going to let you win the class war.” What do those words actually mean?

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