What worksism

YouTube has the video Barack Obama – Protecting Democracy and the Commitment to Facts | The Daily Show

This starts around 23:29 in the video.

The point, though, is they’ve got some blend, some mix. There is an advantage in terms of efficiency and also freedom to a market system. You have a control system. You have some guy in an office is deciding how many potatoes we’re going to grow this year. That usually does not work. The flip side of it is that what we’ve also learned is that some guy in a boardroom is deciding, I’m going to ravage the environment to do whatever I want, that doesn’t work either. So we’re going to have a blend of some sort. We want some collective decision making about the social good. And we want something that’s efficient and dynamic and allows us to exercise our innovation and freedom. And we don’t need to worry so much about the labels as we do about being practical and thinking about what’s working and what isn’t.

This is what I call “what worksism”. The trouble with Obama’s administration is that he made some horrible decisions about what was working and what was not. We cannot exercise our innovation and freedom in a private market that is controlled by oligarchs as monopolists. Privatizing natural monopolies like infrastructure is a terrible idea. Efficiency is not always the primary feature you want to emphasize. There is a place for worrying about resiliency. If you have a system that is highly efficient, but highly fragile, then that is not a good compromise. It takes more nuanced thinking than saying you don’t want some guy deciding how many potatoes to grow this year is a necessary of part of socialism, than a guy deciding on just-in-time efficiency in private enterprise being a necessary part of capitalism. High resilience to the detriment of all concerns about efficiency is not a good compromise either.

Having a financialized and de-industrialized economy is not a good compromise either. Nobody talked about why China’s compromise, mixed-system was beating the USA all to hell in world trade.

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