Matt Taibbi on the Twitter files

YouTube has The Grayzone video Matt Taibbi on the Twitter files.

Matt Taibbi joins The Grayzone live for a discussion with Max Blumenthal and Aaron Maté about his reporting on internal Twitter files exposing shocking levels of US government pressure on the social media giant to censor accounts dissenting against official deceptions and revealing some of the most titanic frauds of the Trump-era Russiagate drama.

I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to the Twitter files story, so this was somewhat eye-opening for me. Some of the readers of my Facebook page or this blog may be way ahead of me on this story.

I hope I remember to point to this video if anybody should question my disdain for The Dreaded New York Times (TDNYT). This video validates my skepticism of TDNYT and my skepticism of the RussiaGate narrative. I think this also validates my skepticism of the coverage in the corporate new media of the war in the Ukraine.

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