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Why Don’t We Just Reform The Democratic Party?

There is an organization called Draft Bernie For A People’s Party. In the March 23, 2017 weekly conference call, they had an experienced organizer explain exactly why we don’t just reform the Democratic Party.

The Draft Bernie organization sent an email summary of the conference call from which I quote.

Last night on the second call, we were joined by Bill Bianchi, the former head of the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) in Chicago and now a member of Draft Bernie, and Lee Camp, comedian and host of Redacted Tonight.

Bill Bianchi traced the history of many failed attempts to bring progressive ideas into the corporate-controlled Democratic Party over the years. Not even Bernie Sanders with his millions of followers have been able to make a dent in the party after his historic run in the Democratic primary. Bill thinks it’s necessary to fight the corporate Democrats by drafting Bernie to unite progressive groups into one huge movement and people’s party.

Lee Camp emphasized the impact of election fraud that has been documented by experts for well over a decade. He described how it was used in the primary to thwart Bernie’s victory. He ended by telling us to, “Keep fighting”!

Here is the audio of the conference call. Bill Binachi’s part starts within the first 2 minutes of the audio.

The DLC Lives: “Third Way” Democrats Are Trying to Push the Party Rightward

Truth Out has the article The DLC Lives: “Third Way” Democrats Are Trying to Push the Party Rightward.

I think the main value of this article is to arm you against the attack of the Democratic Party oligarchs who will try to convince you to support them against your own best interests.

I may be on the hairy edge of the principle of fair use in the excerpts I show below. The irony of that is the fact that there is so much more of the article that I wanted to quote. I guess, you’ll just have to read the article for yourself.

The basic premise: Democrats are wrong to appeal to growing demographics that lean liberal, such as Latinos and young people. Third Way claims that this thinking has led Democrats to “pursue a base-only strategy without worrying about persuading a broader swath of voters to support them.” Democrats are failing to acknowledge, it argues, that voters are increasingly registering as independents and do not identify as liberal. It declares that the party must move to the center.
However, the more persuasive argument is that the Democrats lost the election precisely because they are too much like what Third Way wants them to be: deferential, non-ideological and too close to Wall Street. “Secretary Clinton does represent the establishment,” Sen. Bernie Sanders explained during the primary.
Third Way’s rhetoric repeatedly conflates “independent” with “moderate.” This conflation is repeated frequently in the media as a truism. And while the specific politics of “independent voters” vary widely and change from election to election, pollsters agree that “it’s critical not to confuse ‘independents’ with ‘moderates,'” as 538 acknowledged in an article about Bernie Sanders’ success among independents.

The reality that “independent” does not equal “moderate” has been affirmed by many other pollsters and experts, including Tom Jensen at Public Policy Polling and even the DLC’s still surviving sister think tank, the Progressive Policy Institute, which acknowledged as much in 2010.

“One of the frustrating things about contemporary political analysis is the frequency with which key terms get used in a very sloppy manner that reflects highly biased or inaccurate assumptions,” the Progressive Policy Institute stated in a 2010 article on its website. “A perpetual example is the use of ‘independent’ and ‘moderate’ as interchangeable words for unaffiliated voters.”

Is the Federal Reserve a privately owned corporation?   Recently updated !

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has the pamphlet Is the Federal Reserve a privately owned corporation?

The Federal Reserve System is considered to be an independent central bank. It is so, however, only in the sense that its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive branch of the government. The entire System is subject to oversight by the U.S. Congress….the Federal Reserve must work within the framework of the overall objectives of economic and financial policy established by the government.

I find another clarifying statement rather definitive.

  • The Board of Governors—Located in Washington, D.C., Board members are appointed by the U.S. President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Board members and staff are civil service employees.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco uses different words to explain the same basic truth that was explained in my previous post Who owns the Federal Reserve? This post gives the link to a pamphlet from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. As per the above quote “Board members and staff are civil service employees.”

    A Look at Desktop Environments: KDE 5 Plasma

    Ghacks has the article A Look at Desktop Environments: KDE 5 Plasma.

    This time around we will be looking at KDE: powerful, graphically beautiful, and filled with an array of useful software; but the most resource intensive of the major desktop environments.

    I think this is a way overblown description. However, I use KDE on a virtual machine on my computer. This article may point to some useful information that I have not been using, so I post it here for future reference.

    Simple Explanation of the Need for Federal Budget Deficits.   Recently updated !

    I think I finally found a way to explain the impact of federal government deficits on the private economy in a way that non-experts may be able to understand. I’ll give you my full response to a comment on Ed Markey’s post.

    Obamacare is saving money although not nearly as much as Medicare for all would have saved. If there is any flaw in the Democrat’s health care changes over the last 8 years, it is that it failed to even include a government option, let alone Medicare for all.

    The federal government creates US money. The federal government puts that money into the private sector by spending it. If there were no federal government deficits, there would be no new money added to the private sector economy to replace all the money that is leaving the domestic private sector and going to the foreign private sector because of our foreign trade deficit.

    Without the deficits, there would be a huge deflation and there would be such a huge contraction of our economy that you would be seeing massive breadlines larger than during the depression. All of our jobs would be outsourced because of the strength of our money, after deflation, compared to other nations.

    We need a gradual inflation to help the transition to more equal wage scales around the world. That transition would help lessen the size of our trade deficits, lessen the need for huge federal budget deficits, lessen the outsourcing of our jobs, and spread the pain of adjustments more equally among all income levels in our country. That adjustment of wage levels is inevitable, but we don’t need to isolate the burden of that adjustment to just the lower 90% of income earners. The oligarchs should not be allowed to foist that burden on only the rest of us.

    Some of the world wage scale adjustment will come from the increased standard of living in foreign countries, which will be no burden to us at all.

    Ed Markey is no liberal. He is what is called a neo-liberal which translates into not-liberal or anti-liberal.

    Here is the link to Ed Markey’s post The real March Madness is President Trump’s budget.

    Black Men In Chicago Are Taking Over Abandoned Property & Rebuilding The Neighborhood With The Youth By Creating Their Own Jobs

    Better News has the article Black Men In Chicago Are Taking Over Abandoned Property & Rebuilding The Neighborhood With The Youth By Creating Their Own Jobs.

    A lot of the homes are boarded up and abandoned due to subprime lending where the Lenders/Bankers sucked the resources out of certain communities, left them in total disarray, foreclosed on the properties and resold many of them for pennies on the dollar to Hedge Fund Investors.


    This shows exactly how Clintonite mayors like Rahm Emanuel can favor the hedge fund managers over the regular residents of the city. This is exactly why the politics of the anti-liberal Democrats is what has given us the Trump phenomenon.

    Why couldn’t these Democrats have come up with the idea of rehabbing these houses to keep community residents in these homes instead of gentrifying the neighborhood and enriching the already rich?

    Chris Hedges: The Enemy Is Not Donald Trump or Steve Bannon—It Is Corporate Power (Video)

    Truth Dig has the article Chris Hedges: The Enemy Is Not Donald Trump or Steve Bannon—It Is Corporate Power (Video).

    In a recent speech titled “After Trump and Pussy Hats” delivered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges tells the audience that “resistance must also be accompanied by an alternative vision of a socialist, anti-capitalist society.”

    After a fierce indictment of what he calls the kleptocracy that rules the United States, Hedges urges organizing “with lightning speed” because this is our “last chance” to do so.


    An Act establishing Medicare for all in Massachusetts

    Bill S.619. An Act establishing Medicare for all in Massachusetts, can truly be said is an act whose time has not come.

    This bill establishes a Massachusetts Health Care Trust, which will be the single-payer body responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds required to provide health care services for every resident of the Commonwealth.

    Many times on this blog, I have argued that the issue of the Federal Government paying for a new program is a non-issue because the Federal Government creates U.S. Money. I hope you realize that everything I said about the government not having to worry about money to fund things applies only to the Federal Government, not to a state government. State governments do not create US money. Only the federal government creates US money. Any government that is narrower than the federal government has to worry about how it will pay for government programs.

    So how does Jamie Eldridge propose that Massachusetts pays for Medicare For All? You can read the text of the bill to decide for yourself if it seems feasible. Perhaps with the state responsible for the collection of funds to replace the insurance companies’ collection of funds, this might all be possible.

    There are things the Federal Government could do with relative ease, that state governments do not have the resources to do. We have to be very careful to make sure that the state has the financial resources to make this possible.

    The preferable way to do single payer health care is at the federal level. Wishing won’t make it affordable at the state level. Many a local government has gone bankrupt trying to do the impossible. When that happens, it gives the right-wing “evidence” that they use to “prove” that government cannot work. This is already being done with Vermont that tried this and failed. See the article Bernie Sanders’s Single-Payer Health Care Plan Failed in Vermont.

    Despite the ominous budget projections at the time, single-payer advocates now say they believe Shumlin’s decision was purely political.

    It is not clear whether or not Vermont was going to collect in insurance payments, the money that had been going to private insurers.

    Let’s not have progressives competing with the right-wing for the honor of proposing the silliest government actions. Cutting Medicare at the federal level is silly, but proposing it at the state level to compensate may also be silly.