Have You Been Manipulated by the Media? 2

If Reverend Wright did not say what the media claims he said, would you feel you have been manipulated?

Couldn’t possibly happen. You may have seen the video with your own eyes.

Did you see the whole video?

Now I have no idea if this is any fairer representation of the pastor’s views.  I never paid much attention to the original video snippet.  However, the above link does seem to show more context.

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2 thoughts on “Have You Been Manipulated by the Media?

  • Chuck1

    Hello Steven –

    I looked at this video and I do not feel as though what Reverend Wright preached was wrong in anyway. However, if you are the majority of americans and all you were to have seen on FOX and other nation news shows, then you would think that he is a racist and that he is unamerican. There is going to be so much more of this as election date nears. We as a society are not ready for a black president. I think not, we are ready.. I feel as though Obama did what was neccessary as a political canadite and denounced what he said.

    Is this not what our county was founded on “freedom of speech”. Please only say what is good about USA. Never speak of the negative as reverend Wright did.