Please Help Fight Propaganda 2

I have realized that in all my posts about the Pastor Wright propaganda, I have missed one important piece.

I am asking you to help me fight this propaganda.

Please view as many of the videos in the following posts as you can:

After you are armed with the information from viewing the videos, respond to any posts or comment that you see on other blogs that are furthering the propaganda campaign. Try to enlist others in combating the propaganda just as I am trying to do here.

Even people who have been innocently misled by the propaganda campaign itself are furthering the propaganda by repeating what they think they have learned. Be nice about it, but try to correct their misunderstanding.

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2 thoughts on “Please Help Fight Propaganda

  • SteveG

    It is not like I am making up the fact that the media wage propaganda campaigns.

    Follow this link to a Huffington Post article on the recent revelations of Scott McClellan.

  • EricK

    It would appear Obama has won. As I have told you before, I expected he would. I just hope you are correct and I am wrong. I hope he can beat McCain, and when he does, I hope he is the man you expect him to be. I still have my concerns, but we must have a democrat in the White House if only to make sure the next opening in the Supreme Court is more Liberal than what we have now. It would be an unmitigated disaster if the SC gets even more conservative. I would find that to be an unacceptable proposition. Unfortunately, our country often votes differently than you or I would like.