Daily Archives: June 11, 2008

Blaming Bush for His Greatest Achievement

Follow this link to see the highlighting of what may be the most serious of the articles of impeachment presented by Rep. Dennis Kucinch.

I have talked with people who claim that the fact that we have not been attacked in this country since Sep 11, 2001 is proof of George Bush’s success.

What the impeachment charges show is that the lack of such an attack is merely proof that the Bush administration may finally be taking its homeland security duties seriously. If it had done so in the months prior to the attack, the attack would have been thwarted. Over 3,000 US civilians and over 4,000 US soldiers would still be alive.

If failure to defend the nation isn’t reason enough for impeachment, then I do not know what is. Never mind the other 34 charges that Kucinich has brought.