Obama’s Voting “Present” Does Not Mean “Maybe”

Follow this link where Eric Zorn explains in a Chicago Tribune article what a “present” vote by Barack Obama in the Illinois Legislature really means.

Again, Sarah Palin, takes a cheap shot with a Big Lie.  To be most charitable one might say she is spouting off again about subjects she knows nothing about. It is further proof that one refutation of a big lie is not enough.  We have to refute over and over again.  It also shows why I like to keep links to these refutations.  With McCain/Palin, you know that one refutation is not enough.

I am going to take my own suggestion and develop a graphic Lieometer to use with all comments about the McCain/Palin strategy.

Thanks to RichardH for finding the above link to give credence to my explanation to him of the meaning of the “Present” vote.

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