Daily Archives: September 9, 2008

Obama’s Voting “Present” Does Not Mean “Maybe”

Follow this link where Eric Zorn explains in a Chicago Tribune article what a “present” vote by Barack Obama in the Illinois Legislature really means.

Again, Sarah Palin, takes a cheap shot with a Big Lie.  To be most charitable one might say she is spouting off again about subjects she knows nothing about. It is further proof that one refutation of a big lie is not enough.  We have to refute over and over again.  It also shows why I like to keep links to these refutations.  With McCain/Palin, you know that one refutation is not enough.

I am going to take my own suggestion and develop a graphic Lieometer to use with all comments about the McCain/Palin strategy.

Thanks to RichardH for finding the above link to give credence to my explanation to him of the meaning of the “Present” vote.

Countering the Big Lies of the McCain/Palin Campaign 2

Follow this link to a New York Times article about Governor Rendell and the Obama campaign’s reaction to the big lie campaign from McCain and Palin. Specifically, Rendell was complaining about the lies McCain/Palin are spewing over Obama’s tax plan.  They keep saying he will raise taxes on the middle class when the Obama plan will do the exact opposite of that.

The only way to counter a Big Lie campaign is to state the Big Truth much more often than the other campaign can state the Big Lie.

Counting the number of statements of the Big Lie must include every political cartoon, every newspaper article, every letter to the editor, every hallway conversation.  Those who believe in the truth must be part of the counter effort.

You could also follow this link to see and to sponsor the Obama/Biden ad that helps counter the Big Lie.

You could follow this link to see more Big Lies that need countering and see the video that counters them.

You could follow this link to see my suggestion on the Obama Campaign’s web site for a Lieometer in all of Obama’s ads against the Big Lie. If that suggestion would get enough views and comments, the Obama campaign might take notice.